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About us ozlo

ozlo establishes a new standard in the field of green auto maintenance. By leveraging a unique cleaning solution alongside an army of skilled experts, we offer premium car cleaning services which are quick and efficient.

Not only do we price far less than your local service facility, we ensure that the stellar services we bring to your table are environment friendly by limiting the usage of water. Our team of highly-skilled individuals also provide you with the convenience of having your car cleaned wherever you are, regardless of whether you’re at home, at work, or at the gym.


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How do we work?

Since we’re a waterless car wash startup, the bodywork of a vehicle is polished and washed in a waterless car wash using high lubricity sprays. How does this work? Similar to how water is sprayed to clean the car’s surface of any minor dirt or stains, at ozlo, we use the spray’s strong lubricity to encapsulate dirt and dust particles.

We recommend the waterless car wash technology for automobiles that don't have a lot of heavy hardened muck to clean. Only vehicles with minimal dirt should use a waterless car wash.

ozlo's waterless car wash application

What’s the best part? ozlo operates its very own car wash app to make our services conveniently available for our customers. The features offered via our app enables people to browse through our topnotch car wash services and schedule the service they require. And to make this as seamless as possible, we have curated a mini guide which will help you navigate through our application with ease.


Once you’ve successfully downloaded the app and run it on your smartphone, you will be directed to a registration page. You can register using your mobile number or your social network credentials to proceed with exploring the app's features.

Service Request

You can browse through our premium services and request for whichever car wash service you require through our app.

Pick your location

You will have to select the vehicle’s exact location that requires service or cleaning. This enables our car wash experts to plan ahead.

Selection of Packages and Services

Now that you have finalized your vehicle’s location, it’s time to choose the service you require. Our car wash app includes a budget-friendly list of services and packages for you to pick from according to your convenience.

Add Multiple Vehicles

We have come across several instances where a single customer requests a car wash for their entire family. If you wish to schedule a car wash for several cars, you can easily add them to receive our seamless car wash services.

Payment Panel

Our app incorporates several payment methods to make transactions simple and quick, debit/credit cards and cash being the most common ones.

Download our app

ozlo’s car wash application is available on the App Store and the Play Store as well. Search up “ozlo car wash” and the app will appear in your search results within a few seconds. Go ahead and download the app onto your device.

At ozlo, we believe waterless car washes are the way of the future and that water conservation has become a must for us. Taking this into consideration, we offer door-to-door car wash services that are 100% waterless.

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