Britco & Bridco provides hi-tech training to repair all model mobile phones, smart phones and tablets using State of the Art technology, which is supplemented by well qualified and experienced faculty with an updated syllabus through which even a matriculate can be made industry fit rather than a certificate holder. The pattern of training has been designed in such a way that, a student after getting adequate training and experience from the Company will be raised to become a Technical Expert and further to be a Global Entrepreneur. The training on Programmable GSM Training Kit with the help of the tablet will help the students to learn better in an easy way.

Britco & Bridco have thousands of successful alumni from almost all the states in India and from foreign countries like Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Canada, Ethiopia, Namibia, UK, US, Mauritius, Nepal, Tibet etc who are sharing their technical knowhow with their faculty team through the new generation technologies and other Medias.


BPDC Product Wise Demonstration Course
BSTP Mobile Phone Repairing HardWare & SoftWare
(Basic Level 2 Repairing)
15 Days (45 Hours)
3 Hours/Day
BSHP Chip Level Hardware Package
(Chip Level HardWare Repairing)
20 Days (60 Hours)
3 Hours/Day
BSSP Deep Level Software Package
(Deep Level Software Repairing)
20 Days (60 Hours)
3 Hours/Day
BCMT Certified Digitel Technician
(Deep Chip Level Smartphone & Tablet PC Repairing)
40 Days (120 Hours)
3 Hours/Day

Here in Dubai, we were given short-term courses as just like an introduction to the mobile phone service. If anyone needs more deep level knowledge in this field, we can assist them to Kerala or Delhi in India.

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