Our Syllabus

Kerala Syllabus [5th - 10th]

The State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) Kerala is a board of school education in India, conducted by the Government of Kerala, also prepares the syllabus for schools. The main academic focus here is on Medical & Engineering. Ad added advantage is that we make sure that the students of our national curriculum will also be reflecting the International exposure with the help of our existing teachers who are well expertise with the global educational system.

General Info

  • ICT Labs

    Bienewabe has got a well equipped Informi Communications Technology Lab set up to ensure that our students are always kept updated with the latest technology.

  • Transport Facilities

    A contract is been signed with an external logistics agent which covers around 1o kms radius of the school.

  • Uniforms

    We at Bienewabe World School favours uniform codes because they lead to a safer educational environment that increases students ability to learn and increases equality between them. The Uniform code of the school includes the Clothing, Shoe and Bag wil be available at Bienewabe store.

Higher Secondary [+1/+2]

Students who pass out from the SSLC/IGCSE are offered both +2 Kerala Stream as well as the IGCSEA levels. Science and commerce streamsare offered in the Higher Secondary levels. Extra curricular activities and other research based practical learning inputs are given to all our children alike so as to fulfill our motto " Learn through Experiences & Experiments"

About us

Driven by the motto to let pupil Learn through experiences & experiments' we aim to promote a research based, practical learning system implem- ented through rigorous guidance. This will further promote learners think critically, synthesize knowledge, reflect own thought-process and thus transform the coming generations into global citizens of high values. They will be embodying as agents of those who make common sense into common practice.

Our Philosophy is that knowledge is the most important thing in one's life not only beneficial for this day but the here-after as well, hence we are motivated to push the right knowledge into them the right way so as to groom them become citizens off the society with a global vision.

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Under its wings, BWS has the following sections

Get Ready to Experience, Experiment and Explore...!

Message from the Directors

Since its inception, our sole aim had been to provide quality education in International Curriculum to the students of Malabar. Over the short span, we have set new benchmarks in Global Education by the excellent track records at our first international graduate school called 'The B School International. We strive to enable our young minds who have the intelligence, talent and potential to become the most successtul pupil around the globe and to grabemerging opportunities offered by the globalization.

Accordingly, this particular initiative of offering an International education starting from pre-school levels, came up as a solution to bridge the gap between the 'by-heart' method of typical education with that of the International curriculum in UG/PG levels; as we found that our graduate students at The B School International struggle to win the battle with the highly designed and structured global syllabus due to their ready-made schooling background. This has been a pain for us over the years resulting an eye- opening towards an initiative to avail our children's chances to experience the International syllabus from sch0ol level, so as to equip them ready to pursue their higher studies in renowned Universities around the globe.

We make sure that our students possess the necessary know-how so as to spruce up our future professionals, sharpen their ability, actualize their potential and also that every care is taken that they become successful professionals of high ethical values and responsible members of the society.